Pingala Nadi (Sun Channel)

  • Qualities: future, supra-conscious
  • Gross expression:  right sympathetic nervous system
  • Place on hand: whole right hand
  • Manifestations: self-respect, action, creativity, physical and mental activity
  • Causes of a block: domination, egotism, temper, exploitation, cunning, shamelessness, ‘do what you like’ attitude, vanity, austerity, asceticism, fanaticism, racialism

The right channel begins at the Swadisthana Chakra (subtle body chart, 2), crossing at the Agnya Chakra (subtle body chart, 6) into the left side of the brain, forming the balloon of ego. It expresses the active mood and the power of action.

Pingala Nadi is the side which creates, by which we think and act, work and plan for the future, when the demand for energy on this side is too great, the left side is neglected, the desire to know the spirit within evaporates. Heart failure can be the ultimate result as the ego develops to the detriment of the spirit, which in such circumstances may depart from its home in the heart. When natural desires are suppressed the ego becomes even stronger in the personality.

Right sided personalities become very dry, aggressive and cunning. They lose all feelings, and are concerned only for their own material advancement and power over others. Any degree of trickery or exploitation can be justified by their rationality. Blinded by ego, they are proud to think they are fooling the world. They believe in the power of their own intelligence, and lack in wisdom and logic. 

If we suffer from over-developed ego, we bring ourselves into balance by moving the energy towards the centre. Problems on Pingala Nadi result largely from our presumption that it is we who are doing something, when in fact all living work is done only by the all-pervading power itself. It germinates the seed. It changes the flower into fruit. All we do is change one dead form into another. To put the right side back to the center we ask forgiveness for being so egoistic and we can use the mantra: ‘I am not doing it’

Any extreme physical or mental activity can paralyse the emotional side. Even in seeking the spirit within, our efforts may move us so far on to the right side that we move into collective supra-conscious areas, where we see visions, like those induced by hallucinogenic drugs. After realization, our attention becomes centred on the spirit without effort, and the two sides are brought into balance. When the powers of desire and action are equal and balance is established through the understanding of human sustenance, then the Inner Energy, the Kundalini, remains constant.

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