The More You Give The More You Receive

One of the things that you experience with Sahaja Yoga Meditation is that the more you give the more you receive. Now, what does this mean because, after all we do not give any money to purchase our spirituality?

If you have attended any of our meditations, in person or online, if you have felt a cool (or sometimes warm) breeze coming out of your head, then you can already give this gift to others by simply holding your hand over the head of the person until you feel a cool or warm breeze coming out of their head.
Clipboard01Often paintings of Saints and prophets were shown holding the hand over the head of a person. That is because regardless of what spiritual practice we follow we are all still built in the same way – we all have the same red blood, and we all have the same sacred energy in us which has to be awakened to take the next step towards our connection with the Divine where we stop believing and start knowing (you will find the reference in all scriptures, that you have to be born twice, once in the flesh, then in the spirit).
The gift of Shri Mataji to humankind was to make it available for all of us. No need anymore to retreat into a monastery or into the wilderness of the Himalayas. We can have it right here and now, in our own living room to make this very normal day-to-day life more and more spiritual and with it find our deeper meaning.
Daily meditation is the key to have deeper experiences. Sharing it is like putting the 7-miles-boots on – for those who do not know the story – with 1 step you can cover 7 miles.
Therefore you see us all so enthusiastically sharing it with everyone because apart from the joy to enrich other lives with such a tremendous knowledge and experience we also receive so much.
In the Divine realms things do work a little bit differently and that is one of them! Give and you will receive! The more you give away, the richer you will become – spiritually of course, but you will find that also all of your financial and worldly problems will suddenly be taken care of in miraculous ways.
If you do not feel yet so confident (and I get that totally because it took me some time to feel confident enough to share it) then you can share the below video which was recorded on the 5th May in celebration of 50 years of Sahaja Yoga Meditation where throughout the day there were guided meditations to awaken this inner energy. Show one of the 11 meditations in this video to others, then hold your hand over their head and see if you can feel their energy coming through. You will find a lot of joy doing it!

Wishing you deep meditations! Angelika

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The Celebration continues – Music and Meditation Programs

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The four days-series of 12 hours of music and meditation featuring leading musicians from more than 10 countries will be streamed LIVE @


Thursday, 7th of May 2020 • 12 pm – 3 pm EST / UTC+2

Eero Heinonen
LIVE from Sydney, AUSTRALIA – Bass player of Finnish rock band THE RASMUS takes us on a journey within

Music Therapy with Sandeep Dalal
LIVE from Amravati, INDIA – Meditation on Chakras

Rickard Persson
LIVE from Brno, CZECHIA – Swedish singer/songwriter presents his new compositions

Tatiana Rasa
LIVE from Vienna, AUSTRIA – A Spiritual Journey into Western Classical music

Nicki Wells
LIVE from London, UK – Known from her performances at Sydney Opera, Royal Albert Hall, TEDTalk

Friday, 8th May of 2020 • 12 pm – 3 pm EST / UTC+2

Rachelle Jeanty (from RAYAH)
LIVE from Berlin, GERMANY – Music & Meditation

Live from Tychy, POLAND – India meets Flamenco

Seven Eyes
Live from Geneva, SWITZERLAND – World Music at its best – The Magic of Ghazals

Grammy winner Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
LIVE from Jaipur, INDIA – Songs from the Desert

Saturday, 9th of May 2020 • 12 pm – 3 pm EST / UTC+2

Rosie Henshaw (from RAYAH)
LIVE from Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS – Music & Meditation

Rada Sohoni
LIVE from Vienna, AUSTRIA – The Silence between the Notes

Shaktidhar Iyer
LIVE from Bangalore, INDIA – Bliss and a Bamboo Flute

Pandit Bhajan Sopori
LIVE from Delhi, INDIA – The King of 1000 Strings – The Saint of Santoor

Sunday, 10th of May 2020 • 12 pm – 3 pm EST / UTC+2

Victor Vertunni
LIVE from Piacenza, ITALY – The Italian Bard – Songs of Innocence & Experience

Anton Pyvovarov
LIVE from Graz, AUSTRIA – A Spiritual Journey into Saxophone music

Anandita Basu
LIVE from Hyderabad, INDIA – A Spiritual Journey into Sufi music and devotional music

Pandit Prabhakar “Guruji” Dhakde
LIVE from Nagpur, INDIA – Bliss and a Violin

Love & Peace,
Feel your Spirit-Team

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and is the only authentic meditation that enables en masse self-realization, allowing for seekers of inner peace to connect to their inner energy (Kundalini).

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Excerpts/ by

On the 5th of May, 1970, in the seaside town of Nargol on the West coast of India near Mumbai, a singularly important event took place –
the opening of the Sahasrara, the energy centre of the limbic area.

Shri Mataji’s discovery was and is unique. The opening of the Sahasrara is a moment of pure transformation, and it provides a method for human beings to reach beyond their limitations and to connect with something greater. The event and the awareness it provided was what she had been waiting for.

“I was seeking the ways and methods,” she explained, “working it out inside myself through my own style of meditation in the sense that I would work out all the permutations and combinations. When I met one person, I would see what problems that person had and how they could overcome them. I would try to study that person internally.”

Shri Mataji knew that the key to understanding the human dilemma lay in the ancient knowledge of the subtle body. This body beyond the physical is real, composed of channels, energy centres and a primal energy source known as Kundalini. The functions and structure mirror the physical system known to science, but on a subtler level.

“I could see all the things that were going on,” she remembered. “That was the day, somehow or other, I said I must open the last chakra.”

This chakra or energy centre is known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara, with its seat in the limbic area of the brain. The opening of this energy centre was the trigger that would set everything in motion, a gateway to truth.

“I was all alone and I felt very good. There was no one around to say a word. And then, in meditation, I felt that the time had arrived when the Sahasrara must be opened. At the moment I desired for the opening of the Sahasrara, what I noticed was that the Kundalini rose like a telescope within me, opening one after the other, traveling upwards. It was like the colour of molten, red-hot iron.

“Then I saw the external structure of the Kundalini that kept rising up, creating sounds at each chakra. The Kundalini rose up to pierce the Brahmarandra.”

The Brahmarandra is the fontanel bone area at the top of the head. The experience Shri Mataji described was that of self-realization, the blossoming of knowledge and awareness that so many desire. She was talking about a destiny that so many seek, the prize usually associated with years of dedication and labour.

“I felt at that moment whatever energy was there above suddenly entered within me like a cool breeze from every direction. I saw the whole thing open and a big torrential rain of breeze started flowing through my head all over. I felt I was lost now, I was no more. It is only the grace that was there. I saw it completely happening to me.”

Shri Mataji knew that this experience of self-realization, this higher knowledge, had to be shared with the world.

“It was then I realized that there was no harm in starting the work. The confusion was over. At last the time had come. There was nothing to fear. This ultimately had to be done. I had come to this world for this purpose only, to awaken the collective consciousness in human beings. I thought, until people receive their self-realization or understand their own Self, this task will be impossible. Whatever else one would have tried to do in this world would be of no use at all.”

Shri Mataji described how her spiritual work began. “I worked it out on an old lady who knew me well. When she received her realization I was then satisfied. I felt many others could also get their realization. It was easy to give realization to one person. It was very easy to make one person aware, but to work it out on a collective level on the masses, some more work was needed.
Everyone had to receive the benefit with a single realization, but it is true these types of workings had never been done before on a collective level. I had achieved all this through meditation.”

Her work continued quietly for many years at a grassroots level.

“No one ever knew about the powers that I had within. No one knew me nor had any idea about me.”

Nor were most people prepared for what she was saying. Her message, both revolutionary and daring, was also a fundamental challenge to most humans’ understanding of themselves.

“But when the Kundalini was awakened in that lady,” Shri Mataji recalled, “I felt that some kind of a subtle power had entered into her. Then twelve more got their realization. They were astonished as their eyes started shining. They started realizing and seeing everything clearly by the power of a unique sensitivity that entered into them, by which they could feel everything.”

Through self-realization, people became their true Self. They realized what they had not known before. They began to see themselves in each other. And with that, true integration began.

“I realized one thing for certain, that these twelve people had twelve different natures and somehow by sitting with them, they should be told how the power of light that the spirit possesses should be integrated,” she said. “It is like when we thread flowers into a single garland with the help of a needle… When they received their realization, then I noticed that within them, within everyone, it was getting integrated into a single string one after the other.

“I started with one lady. Then gradually, many others started getting realization. Gradually the work improved and people found that this is the way we can transform ourselves. It was established that Sahaja Yoga is something very important.”

“… so that is what it is. Sahaja Yoga is something one has to experience.”

A mother For All

On this 50th Anniversary Sahaja Yoga presents:

Enjoy the beautiful tour through the milestones of Sahaja Yoga and their deep meanings!

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