Women Are The Edifice of Humanity

Shri Mataji taught thousands of women around the world to find their inner potential of Womanhood and to have faith in themselves.

I have to specially make a very important request to the women that in these modern times, they are the ones who are going to save the world. Not the men. They have done their job before. Now it is for you to save, with your understanding, with your compassion, with your sacrifices, with your wisdom and the innate love, not only your children, your husband, your family, but the whole world.” ∼ Shri Mataji, 1988

601583_440098949404257_253947316_nIt is evident that women are the creators and the preservers of the entire humankind. This is the role which the almighty God has given, assigned to them. Seeds cannot create anything by themselves. It is the Mother Earth which provides the flowers and the fruits and other bounties. Similarly, it is the woman who creates the child, who nurtures the baby and eventually brings up the citizen of tomorrow. Women must therefore rank with Mother Earth as the edifice of the entire humanity.” ∼ Shri Mataji, 1995

“The power of a woman is like that of the Mother Earth. See how much She’s done for you. She’s given you all the greenery, the beauty. Wherever She goes down, She fills Herself up with water, and She gives you such joy and happiness and bears all the problems of the world despite of whatever things we have done to Her, despite the way we extracted all Her wealth and everything, still She’s giving us wealth. That’s what we are!” ∼ Shri Mataji, 1987-08-08


This post is published to honor all the Mothers, Grandmothers and Grand-Grand-Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunties and Nieces in the world.

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