The Secret To Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life

To be able to let go of the past and not to worry about the future you have to first reach the higher state of Thoughtless Awareness, a state which allows you to be in the present moment.

In this state everything shifts. Your whole perspective of life changes and with it your own reactions to it.

When you live in the present you enjoy every moment of your life. You see something beautiful like a flower, a painting, anything and you feel this inner silence, undisturbed by any mental reactions.

When you become thoughtlessly aware, the whole joy of the creation comes into you and fills you with Divine grace.

Emotionally you become very balanced, even in a time of crisis. In such a time if you can go beyond your mental state into the thoughtless awareness state then the Divine takes over your problems, protects you and takes you out of it.

In this state you discover what is right and wrong. You become extremely alert, much more than normal. Your health improves. You become a better person. You start enjoying everyone. You become a person who is balanced. Who is wise. Who does not feel the burden of stress or strains, problems or worries. That is the sign that you have reached the state of Sahaj.

Make it a daily goal to get in touch with this state at least once. Watch something beautiful, take in the moment and feel how you become silent within.

The practice is much easier if you have your Kundalini Awakening. Your Kundalini helps to raise you into the state of Thoughtless Awareness.

Find a free ongoing weekly meditation program near you in Connecticut or simply look up Sahaja Yoga Meditation in your city!

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