Meet Us at Earth Day 50 in NYC!

“We are not something separate. This Mother Earth is our home – we have a home in her and she has a home within ourselves.” Shri Mataji

Look out for us!


Where: Manhattan at Union Square/14th Street

When: Tuesday, April 23rd from 12:00 – 6:30

Meet Sahaja Yoga Practitioners and find out how Sahaja Yoga Meditation has helped them in different areas of their life and experience the Kundalini Awakening right there! We are looking forward to seeing you!


There is a deep connection of Sahaja Yoga with the Mother Earth because the Kundalini is the reflection of the Mother Earth in us which means that with the Kundalini Awakening also the Mother Earth is awakened in us.

“Now whatever you have got from the Mother Earth, you can give, because your Mother Earth is awakened within you now. So you return Her back everything that you got from Her and give it to others: generosity, the greatness of heart, nobility, forgiveness, love, affection, bearing, everything for love.”  ∼ Shri Mataji, 1983-08-21


vibrations in hand)

Find a free ongoing weekly meditation program near you in Connecticut, New York or New Jersey or simply look up “Sahaja Yoga Meditation” in your city!




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