When You Have Got The Highest

Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“Physically you feel fit, mentally you feel fit, because your extreme behavior disappears. Mostly we take to habits because we get bored in life or we are fed up or we are very unhappy or we are disturbed about something or we are shocked. But supposing the reverse happens that you feel settled, you feel blissful, you feel happy, you feel cheerful, you feel on top of the world, naturally everything drops of. When you have got the highest you don’t want to indulge into all these things, which are sensational, for the time being, work out for a short period. But you start enjoying that is what is eternal within you, flowing all the time. Stress and all that also disappears. Because supposing – I give an example always of a car which is about to finish its petrol – everybody it is in a stress in the car as well as the driver is worrying that the petrol is going to finish. But supposing by some chance, you are connected to the mains and all the time the energy is flowing into you, then, then you have no worry, you have no worry and just you get over all these things.” ~ Shri Mataji 

vibrations in hand)

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