Meta Science – An Introduction

Science is a form of seeking but it is a seeking in limited areas. Some will seek truth in physics, some in the medical science, in chemistry and so on. There are different lines of seeking but what if they are all connected?

The cause of science is much subtler than we think. For example, let’s say there is a Sulphur dioxide molecule. The Sulphur and Oxygen have isometric, symmetric and all kinds of vibrations. But what are these vibrations? From where do they come from? Who controls them?

Science can be compared to the knowledge of the tree where we know all about the leaves and the branches but if we have to treat the tree we have to go to the roots than taking care of just one leaf or one branch.

This video is part of a series which introduces the new findings of science and how science may be much more connected to spirituality than we would think of. It covers subjects regarding the physical universe, brain, nervous system, consciousness and others. We will post each new part so keep looking for them!

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