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Did You Catch That? – Sahaja Yoga Meditation Actually Increases Levels of Gray Matter In The Brain!

Did you know that: Sahaja Yoga Meditation actually increases grey matter in the brain!
Watch the replay of the mind blowing interview with Dr. Hernandez, Ph.D. in Neuroscience to learn more about the ground-breaking findings and how they can benefit us in our daily life.

THE POWER OF MENTAL SILENCE Meditation & Neuroscience with Dr. Sergio E. Hernandez

DISCOVER scientifically proven benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation on our brain from the recent neuroscience research by Dr. Sergio Elias Hernandez, Ph.D. Professor, University of La Laguna, Spain.

News Article: Want To Improve Your Focus & Self-Control? Try Sahaja Yoga Meditation


Why in Times of the Covid Crisis Sahaja Yoga Meditation Can Make a Big Difference – A Medical Research

Why is it that Western medicine has evolved so much but cannot provide a cure for some of the common disorders and how Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the easiest and fastest solution compared to all other forms of Yogas and meditations.

Meta Science – An Introduction

Science is a form of seeking but it is a seeking in limited areas. Some will seek truth in physics, some in the medical science, in chemistry and so on. There are different lines of seeking but what if they are all connected? The… Continue Reading “Meta Science – An Introduction”

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