THE POWER OF MENTAL SILENCE Meditation & Neuroscience with Dr. Sergio E. Hernandez



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THE POWER OF MENTAL SILENCE Meditation & Neuroscience with Dr. Sergio E. Hernandez

DISCOVER scientifically proven benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation on our brain from the recent neuroscience research by Dr. Sergio Elias Hernandez, Ph.D. Professor, University of La Laguna, Spain.

EXPERIENCE a state of mental silence and inner peace through a guided meditation with serene music specially designed to rejuvenate your brain.

A long-term Sahaja Yoga practitioner, Dr. Hernandez obtained his Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and for over a decade he has been researching neuronal activity and changes to brain anatomy in Sahaja Yoga meditators.

STUDIES have shown that just a few minutes of daily mental silence through the Sahaja Yoga meditation technique lead to:

  • brain rejuvenation and increased grey matter
  • improved attention & focus
  • better management of emotions with enhanced emotional intelligence
  • internal peace and mind-body integration

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