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Why in Times of the Covid Crisis Sahaja Yoga Meditation Can Make a Big Difference – A Medical Research

Why is it that Western medicine has evolved so much but cannot provide a cure for some of the common disorders and how Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the easiest and fastest solution compared to all other forms of Yogas and meditations.

Emotional Problems and Social Isolation Could Make a Person Very Sick

“The doctor of today practicing modern allopathic medecine has entered a stage of superspeciality whereby they appoint separate parts of the body to be treated by a specialist. Due to this approach doctors are not able to view disease as a disturbance to the whole organism. They treat a particular part of the body without taking into consideration the psychological and social aspects of the patients illness”, says Rai. ” One could be physically fit, but emotional problems or social isolation could make a person very sick.”

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