The Source of Joy

The Spirit resides in our heart. That is the one we have to know.

“This spirit in our heart is the one which is the witness of our being. It is the witness that sees what’s happening. In Gita is it called as ‘Kshetragya’, the one who knows the field, which knows the field. This knower of the field resides in our heart and watches us. He knows each and everything about us and He guides us. But we are not in contact with Him. We do not know Him. That means He is not acting through our central nervous system. For example, we know our eyes, we know our nose, we know our ears because we can feel them. We can see the use of all these organs. But we cannot feel that which is in our heart, you see. That is our absolute. That is the one we have to know. That is the source of joy.”

“When you all are seeking, actually you are seeking that Spirit.”

“We may say that we are very happy to have this, we are unhappy to do this. But this joy that we have has no double thing. It’s just sheer joy. It is not happiness and unhappiness. This Spirit exists in our heart. When you all are seeking, actually you are seeking that Spirit.

Through that Spirit you know the whole, the primordial being, the macrocosm of which you are just a part. Like the whole body has cells, you are cells in that body. You have to know because you are created for that. “

∼ Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Jul 9, 1980

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