It is said in one of the Upanishads:

“It is not that thou lovest thy son because thou desirest him, but thou lovest thy son because thou desirest thine own soul. 

The meaning of this is, that whomsoever we love, in him we find our own soul in the highest sense.
The final truth of our existence lies in this. Paramātmā, the supreme soul, is in me, as well as in my son, and my joy in my son is the realisation of this truth. It has become quite a commonplace fact, yet it is wonderful to think upon, that the joys and sorrows of our loved ones are joys and sorrows to us – nay they are more. Why so? Because in them we have grown larger, in them we have touched that great truth which comprehends the whole universe.”

In the ancient scriptures it is told that by finding our true Self we find the Divine. But for that we need a special light, our inner light to be awakened so that we will be able to see ourselves and understand our true meaning in this universe.

Countless ways have been given to achieve this light. In all cultures, societies and religions spiritual paths were laid out, one more difficult than the other. So it was only available for a capable few to achieve self-realization and with it the transformation into their higher Self.

It is a blessing of this time that a new way has been found where we can receive the awakening of the inner light without the need to give up anything. HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi had worked her whole life towards this goal to find a way so that every human being can achieve his own Self-Realisation and when she found it she shared it freely with everyone. It is a priceless gift therefore you cannot pay for it.


“Self-realization can be attained easily if the people have a sincere and pure desire to get their self-realization. It works better for people who are wise, who are more in the center, and it works very fast.  Thus you become very powerful and at the same time you understand that you are now glorified and you start behaving in a very dignified and a very sensible manner. This is how a new culture is born and this new culture takes you, in a way, into a new style of life where you become innately righteous. Nobody has to tell you: “Don’t do this” and ”Don’t do that”. It is all achieved through your enlightened attention. This enlightened attention is also full of power. Wherever you put your attention it works, it creates peace, it creates harmony and also it creates a new dimension of collective consciousness.” – Shri Mataji

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

If you want to get a glimpse of this truly remarkable and inspiring person behind the teachings of Sahaja Yoga then listen to the testimonial of her husband, Sir CP Srivastava.

Self-Realization is the key to achieve the global transformation

“When the Kundalini flows into you and fills you up with vitality, you become extremely dynamic and at the same time extremely compassionate, kind and mild. You feel that you are protected and thus you are confident but not egotistical. Your whole personality changes. This is the kind of global transformation which is taking place with such a speed all over that I, myself, am surprised at how it is working out so fast.
Actually, this knowledge existed a long time back but my contribution, if there is any, is that we can now achieve en-masse Realization. Thousands can achieve mass Realization. It is a gift of this time where it was predicted that such a global transformation will take place. The power of Kundalini is the pure desire of attaining your self-hood. If someone doesn’t want to have it, you cannot force him because the Divine respects the freedom of that person.” – Shri Mataji

Sahaja Yoga starts with the awakening of the Inner Energy, the Kundalini, our inner light by which we get connecting to the all-pervading power of the Divine Love. This energy which – when our inner system is completely clear – can be felt as a cool breeze on our hands and over our head was described in all the scriptures.
It is the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, the Ruh in our hands, the Tao which cannot be described, the quenching water of life of Nirvana, the Rainbow serpent which gives life. It is the water of life, the light within and the wind that comes and goes where it will.

This sacred Energy rises from the Os Sacrum (the sacred bone) along the spine through our seven energy-centers (the seven seals, the seven candles, the seven heavens) to pierce on top of the head where we join the Divine realm.

Before, the seekers of truth had to go through a rigorous and extensive cleansing to achieve the rising of their inner energy and with it their enlightenment.
This makes it the more remarkable that we can achieve the same so easily and immediate but – as we have not cleansed ourselves, yet – only a few strands of this energy come up.
So we still have some work to do by daily meditating and using clearing techniques so that more and more strands of this beautiful, sacred and motherly energy can rise and throw this sacred light on us and our surroundings by which we will start to understand much more than the eye can see.

“First of all, I think this is the most important thing to understand about your own Kundalini, as Self Realization is Self Knowledge and the one who gives you Self Knowledge is this, your own Kundalini because when She risesShe points it out what are the problems on your chakras. Now, we say that it is pure desire, but we do not know what purity means. It means your chaste desire.
It means it has no lust, greed, anything in it. That power is your own Mother and is settled in your triangular bone. She’s your own mother. She knows everything about you. It’s like a tape recorder. She knows everything about you and She is absolutely the Knowledge because She’s so pure. And whatever chakras She touches, She also knows what’s wrong with that chakra beforehand. So She’s quite prepared and She adjusts Herself fully so that you do not get a problem by Her awakening. If any chakra is constricted, She waits and goes on slowly opening that chakra.” – Shri Mataji

The knowledge of the inner subtle system is vast but at the end of the day the experience is more important.
So we point it out again that the daily practice of meditation, using clearing techniques when needed and learning how to manifest the richness of your inner Being on the outside are essential if you want to grow fast into your own true Self.

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