To Be Born Twice

This post about the meaning of Eastern in a Sahaja context was written by Ioana

easter-knocking-eggsSome Christians (the Orthodox for example) celebrate Easter this coming Sunday and in some of these Christian traditions the eggs are boiled and painted in a variety of colours and on Easter Sunday the meals start by knocking and breaking the coloured eggs and this custom is done with the loud announcement : “Jesus Christ is risen!”. There is almost like a “contest” of knocking eggs and who breaks the most eggs that belong to others is declared “the winner”. While exploring more on this theme: “Easter Eggs – Traditions and Symbolism” one can see that it’s always about life and death or while going even deeper in the pagan traditions the egg is associated with the spring fertility rituals. So let’s start sharing the Sahaja perspective on this interesting theme, by diving into the pure and sacred knowledge related to the Tree of Life that lies within us, where the chakras (the subtle energy centers) are the fruits that nurture our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of our being.

agnya-imageActually the 6th energy centre, Agnya chakra, known as The Third Eye, according to the Sahaja knowledge about the subtle system of energy channels and centers resonates to Jesus Christ and we all are familiar with his declaration: “I am the door to …“.

Imagine that this centre actually represents the small door towards the realm of Sahasrara (7th) Chakra – the lotus with 1000 petals, where the true yoga (union) takes place, where the microcosm and macrocosm become one and the seeker becomes whole, integrated, realized, awakened, balanced and by this, the seeker has indeed access to “the kingdom of God”.

Those that have a subtle connection with Jesus – so they are Christians inwardly, genuinely, within their subtle system by having Agnya chakra in a pure / open state – will allow to their own motherly Kundalini energy to complete its journey from the sacrum bone (underneath Mooladhara chakra) till the Fontanelle bone area (“fontanelle ” literally means “small fountain” in Italian  – > transparent symbol for the fountain of rebirth or eternal youth filled with the water of life).

In this way, Kundalini will spontaneously ‘break free’ through the top of the head (egg?!  see the image above) and while in meditation one will enjoy that beautiful feeling of bliss and connection as a liberation from stress, anxiety and mundane worries. One indeed may experience the reality of the sahaja knowledge described below in simple words … understanding as well the symbolism of the Easter Egg.

“I wonder how many Christians know the significance of an egg. Now egg signifies a stage where you are, before Realization. When you are in your egg-shell that you are Mr X, you are Mrs Y. But, when you mature fully inside, the bird is ready and that is the time you are hatched. This is the time you get twice-born. So, the Resurrection of Christ signifies that, and that’s why we give that egg to people, saying ‘you are that’.. an egg, a reminder of that. And this egg can become a Spirit. “ said Shri Mataji , Eastern 1982, London

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