3 Keys to a Successful Economy and a Better World

Dr. Rajiv Kumar, economic advisor to the government of India about Shri Mataji’s advice on economics:
“One of the messages of Sahaja Yoga and also of the great Indian traditions has been that the biggest wealth that you can get is that of satisfaction. Once your heart chakra is opened and it works then you get this huge satisfaction and the ability to enjoy what you have rather than crave for ever more.
If all of us became like that then economics could become a science of man’s happiness.”

Dr. Kumar further talks about the importance to liberate and nurture the private enterprises, individuals with their talents, their entrepreneurship and their resources who are the driving force of any economy. In a world that is more and more interconnected it is important to understand that we all are global citizens and it should be our primary understanding to care for the whole world and to focus on the benevolence of humanity rather than divide ourselves into nations, states, etc.

Money is something that comes and goes and apart from that, when we die, we cannot take it with us. What is there to fight for something that is going to be for a transitory period? Your capital is within; within every person; there is a capital within yourself. You have not explored that capital. You have not seen the ocean of that wealth within you.

Shri Mataji, 1982-0927

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