21 frequently asked questions about meditation

  1. What is meditation?
    Meditation is surrender. It is not thinking. It is the vehicle that connects us both with our true Self and with that which is beyond yourself. Meditation is the thing that nourishes our spirit. It is the fuel for our for our spiritual growth and the key for our ascent. Simply put, it is our connection with the Divine.
  2. Where did meditation come from?
    At its roots, mediation can be traced back to ancient times. Researchers speculate that even primitive societies may have discovered altered states of consciousness and meditative states while staring into the flames of their campfires. Meditation techniques can be found in Indian scriptures dated at five thousand years old. Over thousands of years, meditation evolved into different structured practices and styles, spreading across Asia, its continent of origin. It was only in the 1960s and 70s that meditation became a popular in the West. From that point, many variations have spread across the globe.
  3. What are the benefits of meditation in my daily life?
    The benefits gained from meditation
    include a healthy distancing from the stressful things of life and a trust in that forces that shape your everyday existence. Life can be very demanding. It is important to have both the ways and means to cope. It’s easy to get into a stressful and irritable mood thinking about the pressures of work and family life. There is also a risk of losing focus on all the good things of life. Meditation helps you to witness that which is stressful. It helps you to see things clearly, as if from a distance.
  4. How is meditation different from relaxation, thinking, concentration or self-hypnosis?
    Sahaja meditation is indeed different from all these techniques because it not only relaxes us, not only enriches us with peace, joy and optimism, but it actually transforms a human being, gradually and deeply, into a beautiful and happy individual. This happens without great effort, thought or concentration. [read more…]

Live Online Sahaja Meditations

Schedule: Monday – Friday 8 p.m. Eastern

What will I learn to do in the coming weeks and months?

  • meditate in thoughtless awareness or mental silence
  • balance and adjust the subtle energy channels that run up the spine
  • be able to diagnose and correct imbalances in the subtle energy centers in the body by decoding signals on the hands

To join the weekly online meditation, go to the live stream page here. To meditate at home on your own, don’t forget to browse the Meditation Tips section, full of useful downloadable resources.

Todays article in The Washington Post

You will be remembered – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The most dynamic power in this world is love…

– Shri Mataji

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of the worldwide meditation movement called Sahaja Yoga, passed away peacefully on 23rd February 2011 in Genoa, Italy, aged 87. Shri Mataji’s life was unique. Wether walking barefoot with Gandhi or conversing with the Queen of England, Shri Mataji addressed apparent extremes with effortless grace, dignity and loving attention.

Shri Mataji’s extraordinary journey left a remarkable path.

For the full article (in the middle of the page so you might need to scroll down) please read here: Ax17

How to Know if You Got Your “Self Realization” and How to Recognize Other Realized Souls

Excerpts of a radio interview with Shri Mataji – Hong Kong, 1992

Interviewer: Is this then what Self Realization means; what you mean as a Realized Soul?

Shri Mataji: Yes, Self Realization means when the self, which is talked about in all the scriptures, starts emitting its manifestation in our conscious mind; means that time when we become aware of it. To this extent our central nervous system starts recording the power of our spirit, of oneself and we start feeling the breeze-like vibrations of the spirit which is called in the bible as the “cool breeze of the Holy Spirit”.

Interviewer: You’re saying then that when a person is realized he feels some actual physical things?

Shri Mataji: Yes, the energy that’s flowing through him he can feel it. It’s flowing through his body. Not only that but he becomes. It’s not lecturing or any brain-washing. He actually becomes collectively conscious, means in his awareness he can start feeling another person’s centres and also his own centres and he can start correcting it.

Interviewer: Is it like finding what one can, or what people have loosely described as the soul inside one?

Shri Mataji: Yes, but they are quite confused people. They don’t know what is soul, what is spirit. But these are all precise things. Soul is the thing which is not only spirit but is the body, the personality, except for the element of earth in it. We are made of five elements out of which the element of earth drops out; then you become the soul, because you cannot be seen but you exist in another plane.

Interviewer: How can one be a realized soul when you’re here now?

Shri Mataji (laughing): You see, there were many realized soul before also, and it’s the power (which) is all-pervading; is eternal, is all-existing. All of these great saints like we can say John the Baptist was a realized soul, Shakespeare was a great realized soul. He was tremendous, the way he tried to show the futility of life. He definitely was a realized soul. And this you will know by feeling the vibrations of these people, whether they were realized or not. You can feel the vibrations that they were realized soul. And these realized souls (existed) thousands of years back. Like on a tree, there are only one or two flowers to begin with, then gradually the blossom times come and there are many flowers and there are many fruits for growth.

Interviewer: What does it take to be a realized soul? Is it a mature person, or is it somebody who appreciates mankind for what it is?

Shri Mataji: No it’s not a mental status that’s important. It is the desire within you, the pure desire to be one with God, to be one with beyond. This pure desire; it may exist also the desire, that you see it’s not everything. You get fed up. It’s a drama and you get bored. You try everything, but you are not happy about it. You see, it’s the pure desire, be one with your spirit. You may not be educated. You may be a street urchin. You could be living in a remote place but still the pure desire may be in you completely existing, and that works it out. But you are not aware of the pure desire, but that works it out because you do not feel happy with other things, you feel frustrated and what ever you try, so what! It’s an economic science. You see, in particular, you may satisfy a want but in general they are not satiable. So, even the matter teaches you.

What is Self Realization? Answers & Connections to Pure Energy, Desire and Knowledge

From a Synopsis on the Primordial Kundalini and Individual Kundalini, 1991-08-11 – lecture by the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“First of all, I think this is the most important thing to understand about your own Kundalini, as Self Realization is Self Knowledge and the one who gives you Self Knowledge is this, your own Kundalini because when She rises, She points it out what are the problems on your chakras. Now, we say that it is pure desire, but we do not know what purity means. It means your chaste desire.

It means it has no lust, greed, anything in it. That power is your own Mother and is settled in your triangular bone. She’s your own mother. She knows everything about you. It’s like a tape recorder. She knows everything about you and She is absolutely the Knowledge because She’s so pure. And whatever chakras She touches, She also knows what’s wrong with that chakra beforehand. So She’s quite prepared and She adjusts Herself fully so that you do not get a problem by Her awakening. If any chakra is constricted, She waits and goes on slowly opening that chakra.

Now, this Kundalini is the Primordial Power which is reflected within you and within you, in a human being, it is like many strands of energy. So it’s like a rope and these energies are all twisted together to form this Kundalini.

In a human being these strands are three into seven – that is twenty-one – raised to power hundred and eight. But when your Kundalini rises, one or two strands out of this come up and pierce the fontanel bone area. Only one or two because it has to pass through the inner most nadi, known as Brahma Nadi. It’s all a spiral throughout because Kundalini is a spiral and these nadis are also are like a spiral like this. So the innermost nadi is the Brahma Nadi. The outermost nadi is the right side and the second innermost is the Ida Nadi.

So, through the Brahma Nadi, She starts sending those threads. By that, they relax the centre. By the relaxation of the centre, the sympathetic nervous system also starts relaxing and when it goes to the Agnya Chakra, then your eyes start relaxing, your pupils start dilating and your eyes can become like Mine, very black, absolutely relaxed.

So, you can easily see in a person how far is the Kundalini. If it has pierced the Agnya, then the eyes will be completely dilated and will be shining and then She (Kundalini) enters into the Sahasrara.

Now, it is absolutely pure light of knowledge, love, compassion and attention. All these three things are in that energy. We know of many energies like electrical energy. We know of light energy. We know of other energies. But these energies cannot think. They cannot adjust. They cannot work on their own. They are to be handled by us.

But this energy (Kundalini), itself is the Living Energy and knows how to handle itself. It thinks.

If you see a seed being sprouted, you’ll find at the tip of the seed there’s a small little cell which knows how to go around the soft places and then how to encircle the stones and then how to find its way to the source.

That cell has got, I would say, a little Kundalini in it, the way it moves.

But within you .. a tremendous force of Kundalini exists.

So, you have a Storehouse of Compassion, which can be Enlightened by the Spirit. You have the Storehouse of Love, Compassion and Knowledge and Ocean of Forgiveness. When people get Realization, they do not understand that they have to now grow. And why they don’t grow? Because they do not ask for these energies. A person who is a realized soul, if he says, ‘I have to have more compassion. My compassion is not all right. My concern about others is not all right. My generosity is not all right. I’m exploiting others. I’m exploiting their love,’ then this energy starts moving, giving you that greater dimension of love and compassion. But if you do not want to be growing in your awareness, then She (Kundalini) says, ‘All right. He is a half-baked Sahaja Yogi. Let it be.’ She doesn’t supply that energy which is stored within you, I told you, (it is) three into seven, that is twenty-one, raised to power hundred and eight. So what a storehouse you have within yourself!

But because of your mundane style of thinking and asking – in the beginning, when I started Sahaja Yoga people used to ask for, say, jobs or for ‘my mother is sick’ or a father is sick or they would ask for money or something like that. So these wants are not pure wants. As we know in economics, they are not pure wants. They’re impure wants because they are never satiable in general.”

Higher Personality – Deeper Personality – Wider Personality

So this Kundalini that is your Mother, She is there to supply you, nourish you, to look after you, to make you grow by giving you a higher personality – higher personality, wider personality, deeper personality. Now, we think if somebody is well read, then we think he is a higher personality. Sometimes a person who is rich, we think he is a higher personality. Sometimes we think a person who is very hard working is a higher personality. Sometimes we think a person who is, I mean, some sort of a confusion about religion or something, we think he is a higher personality. Our ideas about higher personality itself are wrong. People are higher because they are spiritually evolved.

Otherwise, they are not.”

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