Rising Above Suicide


I am writing this for people who, like me, tried to commit suicide and kept after that the desire to start again. I have read that this desire often remains for those who tried once.

After my attempt I was sent on holiday, then to a therapist, then on a yoga course with a ‘yoga specialist’, all kinds of things to make me forget and get the taste for life back. But I did not.

Until I got my Realization: I knew that this was worth living for. At first I felt for a while a pain on my left heart and had to ask forgiveness to my Spirit for trying to extinguish the life given to me by God. The black ideas receded little by little, and it took a few years for them to disappear completely. But soon after Realization I decided I would not try again.

So I owe my life to Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga: without them I would be only a skeleton since ages! Depressive thoughts enter my mind once in a while but never like before. The insidious cancer of suicidal desires has completely gone.

I am sure that some of you reading this have had such thoughts: believe me, Sahaja Yoga works!

E., 49 years old


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