Hope and joy became a part of my life again


I started doing Sahaja Yoga when I was a university student studying environmental science. At the time I was depressed by the nature and scope of the problems in today’s world. The solutions to environmental issues appeared to be beyond our ability. Yet this is only one aspect of our society that has huge problems. When issues of racialism, alcohol and drug dependence, family breakdowns, child abuse, political corruption, media bias, religious conflicts and wars, fundamentalism and global lack of respect for women and children are added the problems became overwhelming. The public desire to correct these problems seemed distressingly inadequate. After doing Sahaj for a remarkable short period of time I became much more balanced in myself and could view these problems with clarity and compassion. I saw solutions rather than problems. No longer did I become lost in the problem, without vision.

In addition, my general health and energy increased tremendously. Hope and joy became a part of my life again, I hadn’t really known that they were missing until I felt them again.

Sure, I get out of balance occasionally but now I have to tools to correct myself. They are simple and easy. If you are at all interested in connecting with your True Spirit, discovering your potential or understanding your connection with the universe I urge you to experiment with Sahaja Yoga so that you may become your own guru. The rewards are priceless.

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