Love America

Over the last years it seems we have gone into a constant state of frenzy waiting for the next ‘breaking news’ to shock us and becoming more anxious about the state of affairs in the world and in particular in America. America plays such a big role that whatever happens here will have a ripple effect somewhere else in the world.

While people may not agree with each other on political, economical or social views there are things that we all want and need. Happiness, for one. And Peace. Security. Freedom.

‘Love America’ brings volunteers from all over the world to the US to share the benefits of meditation for free. Here is why they are looking forward to coming to America.

We as a people are so diverse that differences are programmed to happen but despite everything that divides us, deeper down there is much more that unites us: the desire for a happy and meaningful life.

Come and join us!

Love America

More than 250 programs are already scheduled all over the US and many more are being finalized. If you are interested to join a program or you would like to have one scheduled in your area please visit our website.

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