Eastern, the Power of Forgiveness and the Agnya Chakra

Forgiveness is a very important part in the practice of Sahaja Yoga. If we do not forgive then our Agnya Chakra (on the forehead) starts to block and we get stuck in our mind where we hold on to past events and continue to react to them. As long as we are trapped in the past and react to it with anger, sadness or frustration we are not free. And when we are not free we cannot find the joy of life.

Forgiveness is the quality of the Agnya Chakra which was opened by this tremendous act of compassion by Lord Jesus Christ. And ‘forgiveness’ was his biggest message. He set such an example! After all he did nothing but good, his compassion knew no limits, he went all the way out to help and spread the message of Divine love, yet he was tortured and crucified. But what was his reaction? Nothing but love and forgiveness.

So if we find it hard to forgive then we can remember his life and how much he has forgiven. And if we got our Kundalini Awakening we can go even further and experience his power in our own Agnya Chakra by meditating on it. We put the right hand on the forehead and say: “I forgive everyone and I forgive myself.”
We can also say the name of Jesus Christ and ask for his power of forgiveness.

Sahaja Yoga is a practice which integrates the essence of all religions, scriptures and teachings. Because of the Kundalini Awakening we no longer need to believe in anything but we can experience it. And by our experience we start knowing it.

So if you are a seeker of truth then come and join our meditations. As this is a spiritual practice it is of course always free.

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