When Your Hands Speak To You

In all the scriptures it was revealed what we would experience at the time of our second birth. In the Koran it was described as such:

“That Day shall We set a seal on their mouths. But their hands will speak to us, and their feet bear witness, to all that they did.”

Quaran, Chapter (36) sūrat yā sīn

Shri Mataji explained what was meant by “Your Hands Will Speak”:

“Always, in every evolutionary jump, the awareness has been enlightened. Like, a fish became a reptile. So what? The awareness of a reptile improved: it started feeling the ground. In the nervous system itself, the evolution works out. Whatever we have achieved in our evolution, has been in our nervous system. That we can feel the dirt, filth, and animals cannot; we can see the colors; the animals cannot feel it. We can do it because we are higher than the animals in our awareness.

So, whatever has to happen to us further, logically, we should feel in our awareness, in our central nervous system we should feel it, in our nerves we should feel it.

So, once you get your Realization, what happens — that your fingers, your fingertips become enlightened. Because these are the centers: five, six and seven on the left, and seven on the right. They get enlightened, and you start feeling on them.

Mohammed Sahib has said that when the resurrection time will come, your hands will speak. Because the language of hands is a universal language. But ‘hands will speak’ means these fingertips will be enlightened; and once they are enlightened, you will be able to understand.”

Shri Mataji, 1982-1020

Everyone who has received their second birth and felt – what we call – the vibrations in the hands and on the fingertips had countless experiences of what it can do. First we can know ourselves where we go out of balance; then it also enables us to quickly come back into a balance. We can find the root causes of our health problems, emotional problems, mental problems, feelings of stress and overwhelm but it does not end there. It also shows us where our qualities are and how we can manifest new qualities if we want to. The list is too long to go into detail.

The best is to get the experience yourself! So please come and join our daily free meditations! And see what your hands want to tell you!

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