Getting Up at 5 AM for the Morning Meditation – Discover One Way to Overcome the Inner Villain and Gain All Life-Changing Benefits!

Getting up for the 5 am morning meditation every day in the past week has brought an amazing change!!! All thanks to my meditation buddy and best friend who asked if I would like to meditate together every morning!!

Getting up is hard when the blanket is warm and the air feels cold… 😬

All the motivation was there but somehow the mornings came and went and I could not get myself out of bed.
That changed when my friend waited online to meditate together. I had no choice anymore!! 😄 And I feel so happy about it!!! Because after only one week I feel a tremendous change!!!

Why bother at all to meditate early in the morning?

All those who practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation have experienced the benefits of early morning meditations.

👉 Starting from 4 am on there are very special rays or vibrations that act only at that time of the day. There is no other time of the day that is that powerful, healing and nourishing !!! And wow, can I feel the difference!!!

👉 Interestingly, although the sleep time seems short I am full of energy throughout the day!! Yeahhhh!!! A proven method to feel energized and dynamic!!! No additional cups of coffee needed anymore!!! 💪

👉 My vibratory awareness has reached a new level – it is much sharper and clear-cut! Vibratory awareness allows you to feel the state of your own subtle system, to understand what and why there is a problem, to find out how to clear it, and on top of it you can feel all of it for other people, too! Amazing?? Totally!!!!!

👉 It is soooo much easier to go into a state of inner silence where the mind is calm and peaceful and all worries and anxieties dissolve. Turning off the inner chatter-box whenever I want – it has been a long time!!! So, morning meditation it is!!! 😇

We know what is good for us but…

It is of course not the first time I have experienced the difference! But the problem is that we know what is good for us but sometimes we do not do what we should… sounds familiar?

A Great Strategy !!!!

Partner up with someone was THE solution for me – it is also so much more fun!!! And no escape possible 😄… or wanted…

What is your meditation challenge? Or how did you overcome one? – Please share in the comments! 👇👇👇

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