We Have Been Created For a Reason…

“So much, already, has been said about Sahaja Yoga. As I have told you before, for new people I would like to say that, ‘Saha’ means ‘with’, ‘Ja’ means ‘born’. It is born with you. It is with you.

The germinating power which is going to connect you with the Divine is born with you. As you have a nose, eyes and face, in this body, in the same way this germinating power is within you, has been there for ages.

In all your seekings it has been with you, and now the time has come – the blossom time has come, you can say – that people have to receive their connection with the Divine, otherwise the Divine will lose its own meaning.

Unless and until you have your own meaning, unless and until you have your own fulfilment, your Creator, who has created you, is not going to get His own fulfilment. That’s why this grace, this special gift to the modern people, that you can really get your Self-realization.”

Shri Mataji, 1979-0806

It is said that we are built in the image of the Divine. And if we are capable to love our children in such an unconditional way then how much more are we loved by the Power that created us!

In this Age of the Awakening of the Kundalini, the Spiritual Awakening, we can now experience how deep our relationship is with the Divine, how much we are loved, how much we are cherished, how much we are protected… and this is where the real magic of life starts…

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