The Free 21-Days Meditation Course Starts Tomorrow!

Course Outline

✧ Week 1: Awaken Your Inner Energy & Enjoy Inner Silence

Saturday, Jan 14 – Friday, Jan 20

✧ Week 2: Spiritual Ascent and the Chakras

Saturday, Jan 21 – Friday, Jan 27

✧ Week 3: Thoughtless Awareness through Meditation

Saturday, Jan 28 – Friday, Feb 3

About the Sessions

Sahaja Yoga meditation is experiential.

We will focus on what you are feeling while meditating during the class. We’ll cover a new topic every day.

In a typical session, there will be:

✧ guided meditation

✧ a talk by Shri Mataji, the founder

✧ live music

✧ Q&A

✧ breakout rooms for additional support

This is a spiritual meditation. We awaken the inner energy (Kundalini) that gently brings positive change within us – making us more balanced, peaceful, and joyous. As you participate in these daily classes you will notice increasing moments of clear perception, unclouded by unnecessary thoughts.

The 21-Day course is the beginning of an ongoing journey with an online community of Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners. Classes are offered throughout the year for those who would like to go deeper and continue their spiritual growth.

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