How To Explain That Which Is Beyond Rationality?

When people come to our meditation program and ask what Sahaja Yoga is I always get this “biting the lips while trying to explain the unexplainable”.

Shri Mataji said it is too fantastic to be understood by the human awareness.

After more than twenty years of experience I can only agree with that. At the beginning of my spiritual journey I could never imagine what it held in store for me.

Imagine there is this unending, unconditional love which is constantly there, to help you out, to nourish you, to guide you, to protect and balance you, and yes, also sometimes to correct you when you get a little bit over your head.
A love that does not judge nor wants to punish but wants you to grow into your higher Self so that you can enjoy this Creation to the fullest. With the Awakening of our Kundalini we start connecting with this Divine Love.

So often I feel nowadays like a child under the sparkling Christmas Tree being in awe of all that which is laid out for me there. And this Divine Love being there enjoying my joy.

It does take some time and perseverance to come to this point because we have to struggle to get out of the shells of our ego and conditionings to go beyond our usual behavior patterns and reactions. We have to do our daily meditations and clearings religiously like you need to water a growing sapling so that it can prosper. But if we do that then our growth can be fast where we start feeling this Divine love flowing into our lives and changing it from within.

When we come to our first Sahaja Yoga Meditation programs we really have no idea what it is. How grand it is. How breathtakingly beautiful. How deep. And how precious and meaningful each and every life truly is.

As Shri Mataji said:

“Then, after getting Realization, you could not feel what it was. Just if you have dropped into the ocean, and you don’t know what is the dimension of this ocean. How far you have gone into it? What is it? Where are we? What is our purpose?”


“There is no rationality left now anymore to even communicate as to what you have been seeking and where have you landed. So the only method you have got now – or only way is left to you – for a drop which has become an ocean, is to dissolve more in the ocean, so that you feel the ocean at least. And to communicate with other drops in such a way that you know the whole through all of them.”

∼ Shri Mataji, 08/06/1982

by Angelika

vibrations in hand)

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