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Love Works Wonders

Young people talk about meditation, using the power of love and the magical outcomes.   Find a free ongoing weekly meditation program near you in Connecticut or simply look up “Sahaja Yoga Meditation” in your city!  

Do Not Only Listen To Your Intuition But Obey It

So worth watching! And not only for the beautiful songs! What an inspiring testimonial! Have you ever genuinely felt in your heart and soul that something is wrong, but you did it anyway? Find out what happened to singer songwriter Rachelle Jeanty, former backvocalist of… Continue Reading “Do Not Only Listen To Your Intuition But Obey It”

Personal Experiences

We all are seekers. Seeking is an essential part of our life and of evolution. It gives us the ability to thrive, it makes us creative and dynamic. Everything, that is alive, seeks. It starts with seeking food and continues to the point where… Continue Reading “Personal Experiences”

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