Enjoying Together

“So the attitude should be that how nice I am going to be with that person, you know. See, somebody is angry with you, it’s easy to fight: ‘Come along. You are angry, I am angry.’ No. Go and just tickle. Simple thing like that. And enjoy. Because you cannot enjoy hatred; you cannot enjoy rivalry; you cannot enjoy separateness. Like this hand has to enjoy this hand, in the same way you have to enjoy each other. If you cannot enjoy then you have lost the point, lost the point.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1991-07-28

Photo of the East Coast Love America Tour members having a collective meditation! The East Coast Love America Tour has concluded its key programs, but you can still find free ongoing weekly meditation programs near you by visiting the link. You can also simply look up Sahaja Yoga Meditation in your city!

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