How Dreams Help You – A Personal Experience

“They (scientists) say that the unconscious mind is such that in our dreams, we get such signs and symbols that we come to know that someone is trying to bring in a balance within us. Someone is trying to correct us. We are being explained something.”

Shri Mataji, 1975-1226

I started to practice Sahaja Yoga in 1994. From childhood on I was always drawn to God. I grew up reading the Bible and especially all the stories about Jesus. But the environment around me was such that what I understood in my heart and what I saw and experienced on the outside did not fit together at all. I wondered throughout most of my childhood and teenage years what was going on around me. Sometimes it felt as if I was surrounded by dead people who had nothing else in mind but money, job, always trying to put others down, always wanting to attract all sorts of attention… but no heart. And this split between the outside world and my inside world, and me trying to adapt to the outside world (which meant going against my inside world) brought a lot of imbalances and confusions where I just tried to survive emotionally.

Then Sahaja Yoga came my way and immediately I knew that this was what I had been searching for. At that time the weekly programs were at an ashram and the first thing that made a big impression on me was that there was no money involved. I was like: “Wow, if these people give their time – and food (there was a long kitchen table where we would get served dinner after the meditation) – and do not get anything in return then there must be something grand behind it.”
I loved these times where we would sit around the table and many would tell their experiences which were just jaw dropping, full of miracles. I was wrapped in magic and awe (and still am to this day…).

So I looked forward to the meditations which were on Wednesdays but that was the only time I meditated (or tried to – it took some time for me to even understand what meditation is…).

One night I had a dream. I saw Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, walking to the car. The car door stood open and she was about to get in when I ran to her. I think I even fell on my knees because I felt so desperate – I was not in a good state at that time. And I asked: “Shri Mataji, please help me!”
She looked at me, with a big loving smile and said:

“How can I help you if you do not meditate?”

And that was when I started to meditate every day. The rest is history… after so many years my life, too is filled with all those amazing experiences that I used to love hearing from others at the beginning (and I still do…).

So I invite you today, to make your own experiences. Start meditating every day! Join our online meditations! Dive into the magic of life! Don’t miss out on this amazing state to be!

Much love!

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“You cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected with the power that created you” – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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