The Secrets About Kundalini Which Nobody Wants You To Know

You may have heard the term “Kundalini” and “Kundalini Yoga” but how can you know if those who talk about it have really experienced the energy of Kundalini?

There is more and more written about Kundalini but the truth about Kundalini is seldom found in such writings. The real Kundalini is so much more than any of these descriptions. And some of these descriptions are so wrong that if you try them it might even damage your Kundalini.

But how can you know if your Kundalini has risen or not? How can we be sure what is the truth and what not?

The only way of knowing something is to experience it.

Here is what you should experience when your Kundalini is awakened –>

What Kundalini is:What Kundalini is not:
Kundalini is an energy which you feel in your hands and over your head as a cool breezeIt is not an energy which gives you electric shocks or electric sensations. When you feel these then someone tried to awaken your Kundalini by force and by the wrong methods.
Kundalini is the most gentle and subtle energy. If your Kundalini is raised by the right method it is a soothing and healing power that continuously works in you to bring joy and harmony into your life.It is not a sexual energy. Your Kundalini is a sacred and motherly energy in you.
If you try to raise your Kundalini in such wrong ways your whole inner system will revolt against you and you may experience serious physical and mental problems.
People think it is a spiritual experience when they feel electric shocks or other scary sensations but it is really a warning to not go any further.
Because of these wrong practices the myth has been created that Kundalini Awakening is dangerous.
If your Kundalini really awakens it is never dangerous because she is the most loving and caring energy in you.
But there is a protective power build-in below the Kundalini in the Mooladhara chakra which starts acting up when someone tries to approach your Kundalini in a wrong way.
The Kundalini activates your Parasympathetic Nervous System. Therefore you will feel immediate calmness when your Kundalini rises.
Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the only meditation which cools down your skin temperature – the sign that your Parasympathetic nervous system is activated which soothes down your sympathetic nervous system.
Heat is not a sign of balance. It may be a sign of healing and releasing but afterwards coolness needs to follow which means that the real healing has happened.
Heat always means friction. In the healing process heat is used in the body to fight off illness or any imbalance. But if the heat continues for too long it will create more problems.
Kundalini is a sacred energy that loves, knows and is the essence of joy. It knows better than us what we need, what is our meaning in life and where we are going and it helps and guides us in the most beautiful and wondrous ways.Kundalini is not an energy that will awaken through exercises or your own efforts.
The Kundalini only rises in the presence of a person whose Kundalini is awakened. She will recognize the vibrations of another Kundalini by which she will start rising herself. It is a spontaneous happening which is decided only by the Kundalini herself but she will rise when a person truly seeks for higher goals in life.
Kundalini Awakening is your birthright, the same as breathing the fresh air. Therefore you cannot be charged any money to have your Kundalini awakened. Those who charge money cannot know what Kundalini is because if they would know they would never charge anything. Those who had their Kundalini Awakening but start charging money for awakening it in others would lose their own awakening because their Kundalini will go back into a dormant state and wait for the time when a person is more mature.

Shri Mataji was the first person in the history of mankind who was able to awaken the Kundalini in everyone. Before that a person had to go through thorough cleansings and only when the whole inner system was completely pure the Kundalini would rise. This is described in all cultures and religions as having achieved the state of full enlightenment.

Shri Mataji who was born with the knowledge and being completely one with the essence of Kundalini found a way to reverse the process. This means that first our Kundalini is awakened and then the cleansing process starts.

But what does “cleansing process” mean?
It means that all heaviness, everything that troubles us is washed away in the most gentle way so that we do not hurt or suffer.
It means that we are able to connect deeper and deeper with our own Self, our own essence which brings joy, meaning and fulfillment – the true Self-Realization.

This is what Shri Mataji said about Kundalini:

This Kundalini, which thinks, which understands, is the individual mother of an individual, which has been born with you all the time, who knows all about you and who loves you most. She is the one who is going to give you the realization, your second birth. She is your mother. This kind of a Kundalini that exists within us must be the most difficult person to rise. Has to be. That is why people say, Kundalini raising is very difficult.

So one has to find the methods of how to make the bull rise. Because this Kundalini is “absolute Dharma” – righteousness, absolute purity, most-ideal personality that you could think of, which does not tolerate any nonsense.

She is Nirmala, you can call Her Nirmala (pure). She is Purity personified. She does not accept any nonsense, no compromise. She is within you.

See how beautiful you are.

She is not afraid of anyone, cannot be enticed, enchanted or tempted by anything.

She Loves but Her Love is that pure that nothing is higher for Her than her own love. She cannot reconcile to anything.

And she is the one who is going to give you your self-realization.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1979-11-11

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