Personal Experiences

We all are seekers. Seeking is an essential part of our life and of evolution. It gives us the ability to thrive, it makes us creative and dynamic. Everything, that is alive, seeks. It starts with seeking food and continues to the point where we seek for love, attention, power and so on.
In the last decades a new form of seeking has started, coming out of the understanding that material welfare alone does not make us happy and is not the end of our seeking. Here are some extraordinary stories of such seekers.

A little greedy moment – from someone who had lunch with Joe Cocker, dinner with Tina Turner and enjoyed the company of Freddy Mercury for a few days

A serene gift of peace for seniors

Before and after Self-Realisation

Sahaja Yoga helped me with my concussion

How Sahaja Yoga cured my asthma

My journey with Sahaja Yoga – part 1
My journey with Sahaja Yoga – part 2

Overcoming alcohol and drugs

Healing back problems through vibrations

Wonderful pleasure to have this meditation – from a student

How Sahaja Yoga has transformed me

My experience with Sahaja Yoga

13 year old teaches meditation

Who we are – Testimonial from Oakville

I never knew I could feel so much joy – from someone who survived a suicide attempt

Meditation blessed me – Meditation is movement

Journey of beautiful experiences

Benefits I get from Sahaja Yoga – about transformation and personal growth

Living Process – to see the funny side of things rather than get angry

The simplest and effective way for spiritual development

Letter from Sonia: Sahajayoga Experience @ Burlington Class

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