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United Airlines India boss has been practicing Sahaja yoga for 14 yrs, helps him de-stress

By Masoom Gupte Harvinder Singh, country manager of United Airlines, India shared how he likes to de-stress with ET Panache. “My biggest stress buster is Sahaja Yoga meditation that I have been practicing for almost 14 years. I also conduct workshops for educational institutions,…

Collective Consciousness

A post by Arti Ramanathan “After realization, you may feel a pulsation and a flow of cool vibrations. This is the baptism by which you know you are truly born again. Your new vibrational awareness signals that you have moved into the subtlest level of…

Unite Nations Through Meditation

“Unite Nations Through Meditation” is an article about the Love America Tour in the US which was published by the Free Press Journal, an Indian Newspaper since 1928 The full article in the newspaper: 26102018-ADF-26 With the theme “Unite the Nation with Meditation” ,Vishwa Nirmal…

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