Starting Soon! Free 21 Days Intensive Meditation Course beginning Jan 14th

Join thousands of participants around the globe to meditate!

In this intensive course, you’ll be guided daily for 21 days by our online team to attain new levels of self-knowledge and transformative experiences!

Discover the secrets of the chakras and an inner energy that once awakened becomes the source of a higher awareness and deep healing on all levels!

Find the source of inner peace inside of you and experience a state of silence, free of thoughts!

There will be one-on-one help, workshops with group practice and Q&A sessions.

Become part of the community and join our WhatsApp group!

On request you can even have your own personal mentor!

For detailed information about the course, course outline, about the sessions, what to expect and what other people are saying about the course please go to the registration page.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in this amazing course and enjoying 21 days of profound experiences!

“After establishing your sustained attention on the Spirit you will develop a state where you’ll be in a complete state of witnessing with joy.”

Shri Mataji, founder

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