Keeping Balanced in a Chaotic World

Dear All,

I hope you all have recovered from the after-effects of the snow-storm by now and had – despite the wide-spread power failures – some deep meditative experiences.

Sometimes you have to find your balance no matter the circumstances.

In a world  that is changing so fast, where one crisis is chasing after the other, where even the most optimistic people might grow some sorrow wrinkles on their foreheads, it is more important than ever that we do not lose our balance.  “Easier said than done!” many might think – no worries, it is not as difficult as it might seem. It just takes 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening every day to “meet” with the All-Pervading Power and to connect with it.

How and what you experience in this connection is as different for everyone as humans are different from each other. But to understand more about this Power and how it works it might be worth a deeper look. According to archeology it seems that already the earliest human-beings felt that there is so much more to life than we can possibly understand. Throughout our evolution we tried to describe this “something more”  and get in touch with it in hundreds of different ways. By whatever name you call it – it all comes back to the same conclusion: there is a power at work that even modern science is not capable of understanding – let’s call it the very life force, the spark of life in every being, that cannot be seen, that cannot be touched, but for sure we know it is there, because if it is not than there is no life anymore.

Everyone can be connected to the all-pervading power.

Books and books can be written about this life force that balances everything in so subtle ways that mostly we do not even realize it. But ask a scientist how high is the probability that out of nothing the elements came together in such a balanced way that this world could be created the answer would be: take a jar with 40 white balls at the bottom, then 40 red balls on top and shake it. How many times do you have to shake the jar so that the balls will be in the exact same order as they were at the beginning?

In the West we have made tremendous progress in technology but in ancient India people explored more the spiritual aspects of life and thus gained deeper insights on how this life force works and how we are connected to it. It was a knowledge that could not easily be explained – like how would you describe colors to a blind? So this knowledge had to be experienced, and that was the intent of all spiritual people who came into this world: to help us open our eyes so that we can see the colors ourselves…

Sahaja Meditation helps us to easily connect to this All-Pervading Power and start experiencing it. Still – it might be somewhat difficult to dive into it while standing in a world that has gone out of balance in quite a number of ways, effecting our lives as well. So what we need most nowadays is to come back into balance, starting within. And here we come to one very important energy center in us that is actually taking care of our inner balance – the Nabhi Chakra (which is the Sanskrit name of this energy center).

Apart from producing energy for a number of organs (part of the liver, intestines, stomach, spleen) it focuses on the welfare and evolution in people as well. Here is a detailed  “landscape” of this energy center:

The Cornucopia is a symbol of wealth and well-being
  • on the left side of the navel: satisfaction, sustenance of the family and household
  • on the right side of the navel: power of attention, prosperity in job and financial matters
  • in the center: balance, the personal evolution, moral values

You can see how closely our balance is connected to family life, job and financial well-being, for most of us these are the main pillars or foundations on which we build our lives. So just imagine when this center goes out of balance! Life can become quite miserable, then. Therefore it is more important than ever that we take good care of our Nabhi – that means, to meditate and let the All-Pervading Power nourish this energy center with everything it needs to keep us in balance.

A 10-Minutes-Meditation with focus on the Nabhi Center

(make yourself comfortable, can be on a chair, on the floor, on a couch… ):

  1. If your Inner Energy is already awakened you can skip 1). Otherwise please take the time once for the 20-minutes-meditation by the founder of Sahaja Meditation, Shri Mataji, where she leads you through the process of awakening this energy. If this energy is not awakened the rest will not work!
  2. Start your meditation by “Raising the Inner Energy” and put the shield of protection around you:Here is a helpful animation how to do it:
    Or the detailed description in our Meditation Tips on page 4 and 5:  Meditation Tips
  3. Put your right hand on top of the head, put a little bit of pressure and focus there, where you feel the pressure.
  4. Keep focused on top of your hand, put both hands on the lap and try to feel your left and right middle fingers – do they feel cool, warm, heavy, tingling, any different from he rest of the hand? If they feel cool it means the center is in balance; warm, heavy or tingling sensations indicate that the center is disturbed in its balance
    The left middle finger corresponds to your left Nabhi: If you feel a warm, heavy or tingling sensation on the left middle finger put your right hand on the left side of your navel, left hand palm upwards on the lap, keep the focus on top of your head, stay in mental silence for about 10 minutes (or longer if you wish so) 
    The right middle finger corresponds to your right Nabhi: If you feel a warm, heavy or tingling sensation on the right middle finger put your left hand on the right side of your navel, right hand palm upwards on the lap, keep the focus on top of your head, stay in mental silence for about 10 minutes (or longer if you wish so) 

    Both middle fingers together corresponds to your center Nabhi: If you feel a warm, heavy or tingling sensation on both middle fingers put your right hand on your navel, left hand palm upwards on the lap, keep the focus on top of your head, stay in mental silence for about 10 minutes (or longer if you wish so) 
  5. Stay in mental silence for about 10 minutes (or as long as you wish to)
  6. Then hold your hand over the head and see if you feel vibrations coming out – it might feel like a cool breeze, or warm, maybe a tingling, or simply “somehow different”.
  7. End the meditation again with “Raising the Energy” and giving yourself  “a bhandan” (shield of protection).

I wish you all a wonderful and specially balanced week and remember to keep your Nabhi happy!

Yours, Angi

3 Comments on “Keeping Balanced in a Chaotic World

  1. thank you so much for sharing, this was really helpful in transforming the way in which i connect with my energy and balance myself out. i still have a lot of work to do but this gets me past a big step, i can’t thank you enough 🙂

    • I am so glad to hear that 🙂 it is so amazing how many qualities and powers are within us of which we mostly are not aware. But once we discover them they can unfold and open new and wonderful perspectives in our lives… I wish you a lot more of these joyful experiences!

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