Walking Batteries

Dear All,

I hope despite the heavy snow fall and the wide-spread power failures you are all well and had nevertheless a little bit of time for your meditation!

Last week my internet connection broke (therefore no new post then) and on top of that the electricity was gone as well, fortunately only for a day. What an adventure! Luckily we were well prepared, being stuffed into three sweaters and enjoying an atmospheric candlelight dinner – always make the best of the situation you are in!

Now, how many of you were in the same situation?  Isn’t it quite an eye-opener how many things we use without ever thinking of it – the constant flow of information through various internet sources, chatting, skyping, e-mailing with family and friends, having a warm home, a warm bath! The list can fill some pages of the small small things that we use every day and  take so much for granted.

It surely reminded me of one thing: how important it is to be connected! Nowadays more than ever! And the greatest connection we can achieve is our connection with the All-Pervading Power that is all around us – and still a bit of a mystery to many. Now some may ask “why should we need to connect to that power? What’s in it for us? Already our time is short pressed so… ahem… isn’t it more for navel-gazers…”

Well, think of yourself as kind of a walking battery filled with a certain amount of energy, an energy that you have to manage  every day. We immediately feel it if we strain our battery too much, when we get overworked, tired, stressed, or anxious… All things that cost us precious energy.  And the more energy we lose the more we put our well-being at risk.

Sahaja Meditation is a very unique, simple and effortless way to become “connected”.  And here are my seven personal reasons why I do not want to miss it anymore, because…

  1. When the battery is connected to the mains there is an endless supply of energy – that happens when we focus on top of our head and go into the state of thoughtless awareness
  2. The All Pervading Power is providing us with essential information about our current physical, emotional and mental being
  3. After decoding the information I can use this power to remove any blockages in my inner system that prevents this energy to flow
  4. I can use the same Power to check the state of other people
  5. … and remove any blockages in them as well, even if they are at the other side of the world at the very moment!
  6. If I have a decision to make and I am not sure which way to go I can ask this All-Pervading Power what to do
  7. And I know that at each step I will be supported, protected and helped – really, I have experienced quite a number of  “miracles” , so that even my friends were amazed how things were always working out so well for me! Which does not mean that times were always easy, no, but the way how problems got solved, or how I could suddenly deal with difficult situations were many times just fascinating!

Curious how all that works? Keep in the loop! Follow the weekly meditation we are sending out, try it on a regular basis, experiment with it!

And here it is – our simple 10-minutes-meditation for this week:

(sit comfortably wherever you like):

  1. If your Inner Energy is already awakened you can skip 1). Otherwise please take the time once for the 20-minutes-meditation by the founder of Sahaja Meditation, Shri Mataji, where she leads you through the process of awakening this energy. If this energy is not awakened the rest will not work!
  2. Start your meditation by “Raising the Inner Energy” and put the shield of protection around you:
    Here is a helpful animation how to do it: http://sahajayogawa.com/flash/charlie.swf
    Or the detailed description in our Meditation Tips on page 4 and 5:  Meditation Tips
  3. Put your right hand below the center of your abdomen over the place of the Sacrum Bone – this is the seat of your Inner Energy, the Kundalini (see the triangle on the Subtle Body chart)  – the left hand rests on your lap, palm upwards. Ask this energy silently in your heart: Please connect me to the All-Pervading Power
  4. Then move your right hand, palm facing towards you, from the sacrum bone up along the spine to the top of your head. Do that 7 times
  5. Put your right hand on top of the head, put a little bit of pressure and focus there, where you feel the pressure. Let the hand rest on your lap, palm upwards, but keep the focus on top of your head. Stay in mental silence for about 10 minutes (or as long as you wish to)
  6. Then hold your hand over the head and see if you feel vibrations coming out – it might feel like a cool breeze, or warm, maybe a tingling, or simply “somehow different”.
  7. End the meditation again with “Raising the Energy” and giving yourself  “a bhandan” (shield of protection).

Connect yourself to the mains – unlike a normal battery which loses energy with each charge you will gain energy as your meditations deepen! 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening and you may soon see for yourself that “things” start to become easier!
I wish you a wonderful week

Yours, Angi

One Comment on “Walking Batteries

  1. Thanks for your easy to follow instructions. You are a very good writer! I like the analogy you used in this piece!

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