The Power of Meditation

‎”…if I see a problem, immediately I go into meditation – immediately – and the problem is solved. “
~ Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, October 1989

In our programs we are asked every now and then: “How do I meditate?” followed by the question: “In what way is Sahaja Meditation different to other meditations?”
Although the word “meditation” is quite common nowadays the actual meaning of it seems often unclear and vague. And it is true – there is meditation and meditation. It can be everything between simple breathing exercises to deeply spiritual retreat. Some of the common associations are certain breathing techniques, focusing, visualizing, chanting mantras and/or concentrating on a specific energy center.

Why Sahaja Meditation is different is simply due to the fact that our Inner Energy is awakened. This gives us the advantage that we do not only meditate, but that we can actually “use” meditation in our day-to-days life. The awakening of the inner energy enables us

1) to feel the state of our inner being
2) to direct this inner energy to any problem we face (inside or outside) and let it be worked-out for us
3) if we have exhausted ourselves too much, to have access to the unlimited universal energy around us
4) to awaken this inner energy in others as well

I would like to share a story with you (and there are many many more) what Sahaja Meditation is capable of – to just give you an idea that it is also something really practical.  This was a mail I received some years ago from a friend and I believe it is worth sharing, specially in times where there are threats hanging over our heads like Fukushima.

I’ve got a friend. His name is Victor and we have always called him uncle Vitya as he came to Sahaja Yoga Meditation at the age of 45-50.

He worked in Chernobyl, Ukraine, at the concrete casting of the nuclear reactor: after the explosion he was pouring concrete in the containment. Among those who worked with him, there was nobody alive then as they had got large doses of radiation. And Victor also got a disease which the doctors could not diagnose – he was, literally, a disabled person. After getting self-realization (the awakening of the inner energy) he got up at 4 am every day and cleaned his subtle body changing 5-7 basins when doing foot-soaking.
In several months there appeared improvement in his state and in 2 years he completely recovered.

He always had a beautiful quality – he loved people. I have always tried to develop this quality watching him. Victor came to Togliatti, Russia, 2 years ago. He was a man of 70 at that time. And he made washstands for 400 people in the camp where International Sahaja Yoga Festivals are held now.

I asked him, “Isn’t it difficult for you?” And he answered, “BUT I’M ENJOYING!”
If there is love and devotion, negativity is powerless.

So here I am, promoting the same again and again: meditate! – 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening. And in your meditation really try to connect to your inner energy and to the all-pervading universal energy around you. If you are a religious person, hold out your hands – after the awakening of your inner energy – and ask whomever you worship if he/she is there with you. If you do not believe in anything hold out your hands and ask if this is  the life force itself.
To have faith still means you “only” believe – but this is about the knowing, about the connecting, about a deep relationship that can only be understood in the heart, not by the brain. To pray means to express ourselves, to meditate means to listen.

I wish you a wonderful week with deep meditations!

Yours, Angi

A 10-Minutes-Meditation to bring us into our inner balance

  1. Awaken your Inner Energy (if you have not done it before):
    Here is a guided meditation (approx. 10 Min.) to awaken your Inner Energy by the founder of Sahaja Meditation, Shri Mataji.  If you went through it already skip step 1). When your Inner Energy is activated it will stay so, there is no need to repeat the affirmations (although you can do so if you like).
  2. At the beginning and the end of each meditation we do what we call “raising the energy” and give ourselves “a shield of protection”.
    Here is a nice animation how to do it: charlie.swf
    You can also find a detailed description in our Meditation Tips on page 4 and 5: Meditation Tips
  3. The following guided meditation is about 10 minutes long. Please keep your eyes open (at least for the first time) as the instructions are in written form.

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