Coronavirus, Wuhan, the river Yangtze and the Tao

Being worried and wondering what else you can do to stay as safe as possible? Sahaja Yoga Meditation is an excellent way to strengthen your inner hero, your immune system! Stay tuned because we will soon send out a link for daily online meditations for beginners with lots of awesome meditations and techniques to strengthen and clear your inner being.

In the meanwhile I would like to share with you a beautiful article I found today about the meaning of the river Yangtze which actually passes through Wuhan and how it is connected to the Kundalini.

In the practice of Sahaja Yoga, when we go into the state of meditation where we focus on top of our head, being above all thought processes, where we enter into the state of silence, our Kundalini becomes a powerful instrument to connect us to the Divine vibrations which fill and nourish our whole inner system, physically, emotionally and mentally. This means also that our immune system is charged with these powerful energies and can easily withstand any attacks from pathogenic micro-organisms.

Take care, Stay safe, Meditate!
With love, Angi

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