Where Are We When We Are Not Here?

Christmas Day is coming nearer and the stress level rising higher. Still there are so many things to do, the last gifts to buy, the Christmas Tree to be decorated. In the “Time of Silence” we are not silent at all.

Maybe that is a good time to try out Sahaja Meditation. Why? Because with this meditation you can achieve a state of inner silence within minutes, not only at home, but even on a stress-full working day or in a crowded shopping-mall. You only have to know the trick how to become thoughtless. And you will see that in this state of thoughtless awareness everything starts flowing, from no-where new ideas and inspirations may come up, be it what to buy for whom or a new business plan, it works for everything.

But what is this mysterious “Thoughtless Awareness”? Before answering this question I would like you to do a little test.

Look back on your day and try to remember what you were thinking about. Were your thoughts

  • circulating more about something of the past or
  • were they jumping into the future, weaving new plans and strategies?

Did you notice that even in our language we associate our thinking with our “where are we”? We can be far away with our thoughts, absent minded, then someone else might ask: “Where are you? Are you listening to me?”

Where our thinking is, there are we. So after this little test, can you say if you were more in the past or in the future?

And here is one more small test: when you are in the present what would you think?

Did you notice it? When your attention is in the present you do not think. You can, if you want, that would mean to move into the past or future again, but if you concentrate on this very moment, the present, you are thoughtless.

This is the very small, but important clue. Be in the present. Be here. Right now. No more rattling of the brain about the past or the future, just to be. Not have to be this or that, because we have learned so, not to plan what to do the next moment, just to be. That is the point where we experience the inner silence, the soothing calmness of just being, and of enjoying to be.

Did you ever ask yourself why children are so capable of learning so fast? They have one simple trick – they do not think. They are in the “Here and Now”, therefore capable of absorbing everything because they are not distracted by inner thought processing.

Now ask yourself again: Where are you, right now? Are you lingering in the past, in a memory? Or far ahead in the future, that has not happened, yet?

Or have you managed already to pull yourself back to the present moment? A state that is not that easy to reach for most of us! But it is worth going for it, because as it is said: The present is a present, therefore it is called the present.

As it is, with Sahaja Meditation it becomes much easier to reach the state of thoughtless awareness, of being in the present, of feeling inner peace. We only need to balance the left and right side of our subtle body. The left side corresponds with our past, the right side with our future. If you are someone who generally thinks a lot about past things it might indicate that your left side is out of balance, if you are someone who plans and organizes a lot, always looking out for something in the future it might indicate that your right side is out of balance.

The following meditation exercise focuses specially on balancing our inner system. Doing this balancing every day, 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening, might increase your ability in a very short time to feel a state of inner silence and peace, something that we want to enjoy specially at Christmas Time together with our family.

A 10-Minutes-Meditation-Guide to experience Inner Silence

(sit wherever you like, the most important thing is to feel comfortable)

  1. Awaken Your Inner Energy
    This is done only once and takes about 20 minutes. If you went through it already skip step 1). When your Inner Energy is activated it will stay so, there is no need to repeat the affirmations (although you can do so if you like).

  2. At the beginning and the end of each meditation we do what we call “raising the energy” and give ourselves “a shield of protection”.
    Here is a nice animation how to do it: charlie.swf 
    You can also find a detailed description in our Meditation Tips on page 4 and 5:  Meditation Tips
  3. Put your right hand on your head for some seconds, put the hand down again but keep focused on top of your head where your hand was.
  4. Balancing your left side:
    Put your right hand down towards the earth, keep the left hand open on your lap. You can ask your Inner Energy:
    “Please remove all imbalances of my left side”
    Sit like that for several  minutes and allow your Inner Energy to clear your left side
    Balancing your Right Side:
    With your right hand open in your lap, bend your left arm upward, with your left palm facing the back. You can ask your Inner Energy:
    “Please remove all imbalances of my right side”
    Sit like that for several  minutes and allow your Inner Energy to clear your right side
  5. Then keep both hands on your lap, palms upwards,  keep the focus on top of your head.

    If you feel like it have some pleasant music.
    In this time we allow our inner energy as well as the all-pervading power around to work on us – we do not need to do anything, just surrender to it.
  6. After the 10 minutes hold your hand over your head and see if you feel vibrations coming out – it might feel like a cool breeze, sometimes also like a warm breeze, like a tingling, or simply “somehow different”.
  7. End the meditation again with ”raising the energy” and giving yourself  ”a bhandan” (shield of protection).

I hope this meditation helps you for the coming week and beyond, to be in complete balance, enjoying the present moments and feeling totally peaceful with yourself and everyone else. I wish you and your families
A Wonderful and Merry Christmas!

Yours, Angi

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