Meditate Away Your Stress (including a 10-minutes-meditation for home)

Back to normal life again after the holidays? Missing the peace and relaxation? Feeling as if you cannot keep up with everything on your head? And then someone comes your way saying: hey, spend some more time (exactly that what we do not have) to meditate?

It is true, it might take 20 minutes more of your day’s schedule but it’s effects are priceless! Here is an interesting description what ‘stress’ really is:

Stress is the individual perception of losing control of his or her own life, a miss-match between expectation and reality. It is not the external events that are stressful but our perception of them. Thus stress may be viewed as an inner phenomena rather than an outer event.

Does it mean if we can change our perception we become more calm? Listen to what Brenin tells us how meditation helped him:


Now, if stress is something created inside ourselves then how can we un-create it? Here is a short film (about 7 minutes) from India explaining how stress is created through an imbalance in our subtle system and how Sahaja Meditation can help:


So, as we have learned now how stress is created by an imbalance in our subtle system, more precisely by an imbalance of either the left channel or the right channel we can easily counter it by just balancing these two channels. So here it is, our weekly meditation guide:

A 10-Minutes-Meditation on Balancing The Right and Left Channel

(sit wherever you like, the most important thing is to feel comfortable)

  1. Awaken Your Inner Energy
    The meditation will only work when you have awakened your Inner Energy! Here is a guided meditation (approx. 20 Min.) to awaken your Inner Energy by the founder of Sahaja Meditation, Shri Mataji. If you went through it already skip step 1). This is done only once. When your Inner Energy is activated it will stay so, there is no need to repeat the affirmations (although you can do so if you like).

  2. At the beginning and the end of each meditation we do what we call “raising the energy” and give ourselves “a shield of protection”.
    Here is a nice animation how to do it: charlie.swf
    You can also find a detailed description in our Meditation Tips on page 4 and 5:  Meditation Tips
  3. Put your right hand on your head for some seconds, put the hand down again but keep focused on top of your head where your hand was.
  4. Balancing your left side: Put your right hand down towards the earth, keep the left hand open on your lap. You can ask your Inner Energy:
    “Please remove all imbalances of my left side”
    Sit like that for several  minutes and allow your Inner Energy to clear your left side

    Balancing your Right Side: With your right hand open in your lap, bend your left arm upward, with your left palm facing the back. You can ask your Inner Energy:
    “Please remove all imbalances of my right side”
    Sit like that for several  minutes and allow your Inner Energy to clear your right side
  5. Then keep both hands on your lap, palms upwards,  keep the focus on top of your head.

    If you feel like it have some pleasant music.
    In this time we allow our inner energy as well as the all-pervading power around to work on us – we do not need to do anything, just surrender to it.
  6. After the 10 minutes hold your hand over your head and see if you feel vibrations coming out – it might feel like a cool breeze, sometimes also like a warm breeze, like a tingling, or simply “somehow different”.
  7. End the meditation again with ”raising the energy” and giving yourself  ”a bhandan” (shield of protection).

view detailsHere one small tip how to find out which side is in imbalance (you can only feel this when your Inner Energy is awakened as only with this awakening you become aware of – what we call – vibrations):
Hold out both your hands, palm upwards. Now feel if your hands are cool or warm. You might discover that there is a difference between both hands. If one hand is warm or hot it indicates that this is the side of the imbalance.
If your left hand is warm your left side is out of balance. That means that you may feel very emotional or depressed. If your right hand is warm of hot it tells that the right side is out of balance. That means that you might be overworked and stressed-out. If one or both hands are cool it means that the respective sides are in balance.

I wish you a peaceful and relaxed week and that in any stressful situation you can face it like a rock in a storm, calm and strong.

Yours, Angi

3 Comments on “Meditate Away Your Stress (including a 10-minutes-meditation for home)

  1. Beautiful and informative. Thank you SO much! Thinking of you Angi and knowing you are busy over the summer. I am hoping for more posts in the near future. With love to you.
    Namaste. Gina

    • Dear Gina, thank you so much! Yes, the summer is really busy 🙂 also I have worked on the blog itself to put more information in it so that people can take as much as possible for themselves. There is so much beautiful knowledge to share, and I truly hope that people make this knowledge their own experience… nothing compares to this one happening in our life to awaken our Inner Energy, the Kundalini and to let it become stronger and stronger in us – I am trying to put all that on the blog what it means to have this energy awakened in us, but it is such an endless topic of how it makes our life so beautiful and fulfilling that it is difficult to keep it short and simple and – hopefully – understandable… so, there is still a lot more to work on, but definitely I will try to keep up with the posting itself 🙂 I hope you enjoy the summer time! With all my love!! Namaste. Angi

      • Hello again Angi, thank you for this wonderful reply 🙂 Yes your site is becoming more and more comprehensive and you are kind to offer so much information. It shows how selfless you are and how much you want to help others. I am one who certainly appreciates your efforts, and I look forward to new posts in the future. With love back to you as well dear one! Namaste. Gina

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